Color: There is no easier and inexpensive way to transform

There is no easier and inexpensive way to transform your surroundings than by changing the colors of the walls, floors, trims or more.  Color can lift your spirits, soothe you, excite, or depress.  Yet often times, deciding on a color can be challenging.   I find that clients are downright fearful of putting any color on the walls besides beige or white.  Given the vast array of neutrals, which can be wonderful, these too can be overwhelming.In my Flushing shop “Archives of the Home”,   my colleagues from Ultimate Painting, painted the wall surrounding the fireplace a beautiful shade of dark pink called “Mardi Gras” by Benjamin Moore.  The neighboring wall was a more subdued color that compliments it, called Sea Star.  Customers absolutely love it and always ask me what colors I used.  But, when it comes to choosing colors for their own homes they hesitate in taking the plunge.  I usually advise clients that if they’re afraid of too much of a dramatic change, start with a transitional space like a hallway.  What better way to create a bit of drama than by adding a dash of color in your hall?  And, artwork and photos usually look great against pigmented walls.

As a rule, you should choose colors you love and that make you happy.  Remember your favorite crayon color growing up?  Just remember, colors look different in every light and at different times of the day. Before you commit, test it on the wall and see how it relates to the fabrics in that room, and neighboring rooms.  Now go for it, you’ll love coming home!

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